KIM for Logistics: Automate your warehouse and trace your assets

✔️Better worker experience
✔️Smooth customer service 
✔️Reduced operational costs associated with human error

A lot of businesses produce and distribute physical products to their customers. However, to reach their beneficiaries, distributed over a large geographical area, the storage activities and associated shippings and means of transportation need to be optimized and organized to meet the ever-quicker terms of delivery of the customers while grouping deliveries to keep costs low.

Pandemic and work-from-home have increased the loads and profits of these logistics industries but increased the demands for optimisations, cost reductions and delivery precision without damages.

Sometimes businesses need to expand fast in newer geolocation, with no time to set-up a full logistic chain or the will to assume the risk of high investment in sophisticated storage facilities in such uncertain situations. This is where the 3PL business providers come in handy and offer the needed space and conditions for a fee. In turn, these providers need specialized WMS (Warehouse Management System) software, to keep track of the business

KIM for Logistics
Smart warehouse management system

Unlike classic WMS, solutions suitable for 3PLs must focus on providing extensive visibility to shippers and owners alike through remote inventory tracking and accurate billing information of each customer according to the services used.

Around warehouses, whether owned or third party, a yard management system aims at optimizing the trucks and trailers usage, loading docks, yard jockeys and equipment in order to increase their efficiency, reduce the unproductive time, automatically triage trucks to unloading docks and optimize trailer and truck usage.

For the warehouse operators  this  means just-in-time preparation of unloading operations, for the transport operators it means higher efficiency, less human mistakes and real-time surveillance of the activity, with possibility of intervention if needed.

Operational impact and unique approach

Logistics are an important part of the supply chain for goods from their trip of their supplier to the actual beneficiary. Nowadays, market disruption is the norm and the efficiency and low costs are a must-have, businesses are looking for ways to keep their assets and warehouses readily available and under control.

Understanding these business realities, KIM for Logistics is the companion of all personnel regularly or occasionally involved in activities happening in company warehouses and yards.

Implementing KIM for Logistics offers real-time access to updated inventory and movements by quickly identifying items through scanning the attached labels (NFC, RFID, QR, barcode).

Customers that use the warehousing services coming from 3PL (third-party logistics), in order to reduce costs and risks, to ensure expensive special conditions such as climatisation required by the merchandise, sometimes on a short notice, without the headache of maintaining permanent storage facilities, but with additional services offered by 3PL providers.

Each of the drivers arriving at the yard entrance, would want to know where to park it’s trailer to make sure needed equipment will take over the unload/load of its shipment.

Equally important, the warehouse and yard administrators have full real-time transparency and make sure that the trucks and drivers do not waste time or block the entrance or the wrong/unfit loading dock. Truck and trailer exit from the premises is tracked too, thus displaying only the active ones in the yard at any given moment.

Through potential integrations with TMS, and WMS systems as well as ERP systems, further automation and controls are made possible.

KIM for Logistics key features

  • Real-time access to updated inventory of fixed assets, tools and their movements
  • Quick item identification by scanning labels (NFC, RFID, QR, barcode) 
  • Facilitates multiple fast factual inventories with greater accuracy and less human errors
  • Identification of associated owner, reservation, location and other technical information associated with the assets

KIM for Logistics milestones

  • 300.000 Assets Tracked
  • 700 Happy Users
  • 150 Sites Handled
  • 120.000 Man Hours Saved Yearly

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