KIM’s journey in the InnovX-BCR business accelerator. Awarded by Colliers, DLA Piper Romania and Microsoft

KIM entered at the beginning of this year in the InnovX-BCR business accelerator with the aim to be part the most ambitious hubs of entrepreneurial innovation in Central and Eastern Europe and scale by pitching to the investors of this intense program.

The Innovx-BCR program consisted in preparing companies at the beginning of the road or those that are in the growth stage for going to the next level.

This program was structured in 3 phases:

  • Pre-acceleration
  • Acceleration
  • Post-acceleration

After the Pre-acceleration phase, KIM is made it in top 10 Innovators to go in the Acceleration Phase. Being selected in top 10 innovative companies, gave KIM founder – Vicentiu Corbu, the opportunity to pitch in front of the jury of executives and top investors, but also to the live audience. He also obtained a Harvard certification for successfully having competed LB TechX1: Technology Entrepreneurship: Lab to Market. 

“It is great to mention that after the 12 weeks during the InnovX-BCR program we had a pre-acceleration score of 8.2, over 3 clients, one investor, one board member – Viorel Stoian and one tech partner. Being in a partnership with Microsoft, it have us access to the Microsoft for Startups program. Also, we started several discussions with VCs, Business Angels and mentors, we participated in several courses and events that offered a great media exposure for our business” –  Vicentiu Corbu, Founder of KIM.

The most important events during InnovX program were: 

  • Board Meetings
  • Demo Day on June 15th, the grand finale.

InnovX-BCR helped us with marketing and promotional actions: articles and interviews in Ziarul Financiar business newspaper, where Vicentiu Corbu talked about his business plans and scaling internationally with KIM automation software product:

We participated in workshops with investors, and in a Live show – Startup Grind – where we have discussed about manufacturing automation, how to obtain 30% increase in productivity with just 2% investment in operations.

You can see the entire discussion here: 

On 15th of June, The InnovX-BCR Demo Day, STARTUP ALLIANCE happened and could be seen LIVE on Ziarul Financiar and on BCR’s Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

The Acceleration results were presented by 10 Select USA Awarded Startups and moderated by Catalin Lupoaie, Business Grower InnovX-BCR. 

The entire team of the company was present and we celebrated being the winners of 3 special prizes:

  1. Microsoft Special Prize – a personalised consulting and connections with our portfolio clients for implementing a Proof of Concept in value of 15.000 USD.
  1. The international law firm – DLA Piper Romania offered KIM a Special Prize consisting in an exclusive highly personalised workshop on Pre-Investment Due Diligence
  1. The aim of the Colliers proof of Concept award is to accelerate the commercialisation of the developed startup technology through validation in a real business environment.

Thank you InnovX-BCR and all the partners involved, for KIM it was an exciting and inspiring journey!