Businesses become smarter with automation for Cleaning Industry

For many industries, automation has proven to be a step ahead. The manufacturing and warehousing industries paved the way, by proving that efficiencies can be gained. By augmenting the existing workforce through the automation of repetitive tasks, the cleaning teams can drive value through efficiency, consistency, and innovation. There is also the added benefit that proven performance data will help elevate and standardise the cleanliness of all properties. 

By incorporating automation into everyday workflows, both the cleaning companies but also their clients can become smarter.

Here comes KIM for Field Services with a Cleaning solution that automates the scheduling of cleaning activities, removing the need for manual error-prone paperwork or spreadsheets. Cleaning employees on the field know what needs to be done, where and when via a simple mobile application tailored to simply show only their part of work. As the work gets done,  the actual status of the cleaning work order is communicated to the customer in real-time, increasing transparency, control and satisfaction. The process is more agile in responding and adapting to unforeseen circumstances encountered on site.


Boost Productivity

Automating data cleaning means there is less risk of data being irrelevant or duplicated. This means agents can avoid contacting the same customers multiple times! Less time spent manually filling and cleaning data is always a benefit.

Time efficiency

Time is money. Spend less time for repetitive, but crucial tasks. By automating the cleaning process, you free up availability for other tasks and processes. Repetitive manual work can lead to human error. It’s simply not worth it!

Automated Cleaning is Simple to Use

With KIM Cleaning solution, autonomous data cleaning is effortless. It is easy enough to set tasks running in the background to ensure all records stay up to date.

Increase employees satisfaction at the workplace

Keeping a tidy work environment motivates the employees to focus on their tasks, prolongs the life of the company assets and creates a good impression on customers and suppliers alike. 

KIM is automating the cleaning in just 4 steps. See them below

The solution addresses companies that employ their own cleaning, gardening or related  personnel to keep the place tidy as well as companies that fulfill these services as the main line of business for multiple tenants and locations

The size of the client companies varies from small companies that want to keep things tidy to large companies that need to periodically clean off their external glass panels of their office’s sky-scrapers.  

The solution is available either as a SaaS. It consists of a Backend .NET application with a SQL Server Database and configured mobile applications that get installed on Android phones for cleaning personnel and separately for work-requesters. In order to uniquely identify working items, it can read and write NFC tags ( acquired separately).

The solution is able to both import and export data in a series of standard supported formats. Optionally, custom data export/import and integrations or other Information Systems or reports may be accommodated, billed separately.

Key features  

✅ Cleaning plan & dispatch – multiple teams, multiple customers and locations   

✅ On-site ad-hoc work requests and cleaning progress tracking

✅ Calendar with recurrent activities and options

✅ Cleaning personnel planning, working in shifts, repeatable cleaning hours

✅ Part of KIM for Field Services, sharing catalogs with CMMS or Asset Tracking


  • Web Application deployed as SaaS
  • Mobile applications for cleaning personnel and for customer
  • Scans and prints NFCs (materials or scanners acquired separately)
  • Optional import of initial catalog data in standard format
  • Dashboards and team work orders
  • Workforce overview, recording of the actual working date and times