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KIM for Field Service – Asset Tracking uses mobility and Industry 4.0 techniques to streamline operations on assets, such as inventories or transfers, independently or using integration with company’s ERPs, offering the real-time visibility of actual asset state, operations and associated activities and documents.

Suitable for a large palette of enterprises from all domains, the Asset Tracking module allows complete traceability of the assets from acquisition, through multiple inventories and finally to its write off, when its lifespan is exhausted.

Live information will confirm the reception of each asset, matching (or not) the back-office evidence. Any defects of any assets may be raised at any moment of its lifespan. Defects are stored and tracked, until they’re marked as repaired by an inventory manager, ensuring a transparent maintenance service.

The back-office data may be either created or imported and then synchronised with the company ERP or other external systems, in both directions.

Tracks any inventory entry or inventory exit for assets, as well as transfers between multiple administrations, locations, sites or owners. Multiple users of the same asset or tool may book reservations to better utilise the tool availability and capabilities, avoiding annoying overlaps maximising its KPIs and ROI, especially useful for more capable but sometimes expensive tools. If a tool is not returned after a reservation expires, alerts are raised.

At inventories, held as often as needed, the real, actual scan of asset labels, will speed up the actual inventory process, eliminate human errors, and will give a real-time progress visibility in comparison with the expected quantities, locations and owners. Multiple backoffice options may be accommodated to allow for stock reconciliation.


The solution is available either as a SaaS service or deployed on your premises. It consists of a Backend .NET application with a SQL Server Database and configured mobile applications that get installed on Android phones for technicians and separately for work-requesters. In order to uniquely identify assets, it can read and print barcode/QR code labels and NFC tags ( acquired separately).

Optionally, the solution is able to both import and export data from a series of supported standard ERP integrations. Data export/import and integration with non-standard ERP integrations or other Information Systems is available separately, billed on a time- and-material basis.

Key features

✅ Individual reception of purchased assets and inventory update

✅ Asset inventory and multiple inventory processes

✅ Asset write off, following on-the-field suggestions for scraping

✅ Tool reservations for multiple users, with notifications and reminders 

✅ Defective assets management, customisable labels

✅ Multiple reports on usage on assets movements, including tools not being returned in time


  • Windows Forms application deployable on premise OR
  • Web Application deployable on premise or SaaS (newer version)
  • Mobile application, Android native
  • Common database and Sync Server based on SQL Server 2012 Express (no separate license needed)
  • Scans and prints barcodes, QR codes, NFCs (materials or scanners acquired separate- ly)
  • Optional integration with customer’s ERP solution, whether standard (included) or custom (additional fees apply)